The Sierra Club’s outings mission is to connect all people with the natural world and with the Club by maintaining and enhancing diversified, superior, volunteer-run outdoor activities that support the Club’s conservation mission through its three program goals:

1) Reach out to new constituencies

2) Champion conservation campaigns through outdoor activities

3) Recruit, develop, and retain qualified leaders.

Since 1957, the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter’s Wilderness Basics Course has trained over 20,000 individuals in San Diego how to enjoy the wilderness comfortably and safely. The dedicated and passionate volunteer staff was recognized with the 2017 Special Achievement Award by the National Sierra Club.

The Wilderness Basics Course (WBC), which began in response to a family getting lost and dying tragically in the nearby San Diego Mountains, has evolved over the years and has provided an enormous public service to the San Diego community and encourages the enjoyment, exploration, and conservation of the outdoors.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Wilderness Basics Course, we’d love to connect with you.



Our passionate and dedicated team of volunteers are looking forward to sharing our knowledge of the outdoors with you to enjoy, explore, and protect the planet.